Employee Retention Success-  While every veterinary hospital is unique in some ways- most can agree that they all strive to provide exceptional veterinary care and customer service while maintaining financial success.  The best tool for you to achieve these goals?  Your team!

Do you treat your biggest investment as well as you do that shiny new ultrasound probe or digital x-ray machine?  Your team is instrumental in the success…..or failure…..of your hospital.  Are you providing them with the care, maintenance and support that they need?

Owning and managing a veterinary hospital can be challenging and sometimes team member problems get swept under the rug and reasons for celebrations are overlooked.  Work with Kara to help create a hospital where people WANT to work, where you can help minimize stress and burn-out and most importantly- you and your team can ENJOY your jobs.  “If you’re too busy to laugh each day, you’re too busy!”


Client Bonding Success- We all know that our clients are the real bosses.  Our successes, failure, triumphs and learning experiences are at the hands of our clients.  How are you treating your “bosses”?  What are you doing to bond with your clients?  To exceed expectations?  To generate referrals?  Pet owners often have several veterinary hospitals they can choose from within just 10 miles of their house.  What is your practice providing to pets and their owners that others aren’t?  Kara can help tailor custom programs for your practice to help keep your clients coming back again and again.  Find ways to make your practice stand out from the rest and make a place your clients (and patients!) look forward to coming to!   Clients don’t remember how well you gave an injection or used an otoscope….but they will remember how their experience and interactions with you and your team made them FEEL.


Speaking Engagement Success-  Kara is a high energy, down to earth speaker who utilizes team interaction, humor and real life examples to ensure her programs result in a high level of takeaway value and easy to understand solutions.   Her passion for speaking as well as advancing the veterinary industry, has provided Kara with a platform to help reach and improve veterinary teams everywhere.  Whether it be speaking at large conferences or smaller, more intimate venues, Kara is able to provide helpful information, practical solutions and motivate teams with new ideas.

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Community Event Planning Success-  Being an active member of your community instills good will, facilitates referrals and also can provide lasting advertising for your hospital!  Support the community that supports you by hosting, sponsoring or planning an event.  Events are a fantastic way to get people talking, improve business relations with other community members and also can excite and motivate your team!   With event planning experience for both small and large events, Kara can help you plan, organize and execute a community event highlighting YOUR practice!

Community Event Planning

“It’s the little things!”– It is easy to think you are too busy to succeed at the little things, let alone enjoy them.  Kara has helped practices build their clientele, improve employee satisfaction and gain community support by implementing easy procedures and protocols.   Oftentimes practices only focus on the BIG picture- but it is the little things that can add so much color and happiness to that picture!  After all- it is oftentimes the little things that mean the most!

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Leadership Success- It all starts at the top!  Who is your team looking up to?  Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.   Learn ways to identify or attract leaders in your practice, nurture your own leadership skills and lead by example.  Strong businesses have strong leaders.   Be sure your leadership team is steering your business to success.