Showing Appreciation on St. Patrick’s Day

Those of us that work in the veterinary field are pretty lucky.   Yes, we have one of the most emotional professions on the planet, but we sure do have a lot of perks.  In addition to the obvious puppy kisses and kitten cuddles, we are surrounded by some of the most compassionate, thoughtful and fun people in the world.  Who are you letting know that you feel LUCKY to have them in your life this St. Patty’s Day?


We all know those clients that just brighten your day as soon as they walk in!  (especially after a rash of “difficult” clients that tend to come in clusters!).  Letting these clients know how you feel about them is an easy way to return the favor!    Consider having each of your employees picking 3 clients that they feel “lucky” to have in their life and have them write hand written notes to them.  Include a coffee or local pet store gift card or a sweet treat to make them smile even bigger.   No one expects gifts on St. Patrick’s Day.  What a fun, and inexpensive way to create big smiles…..and big impact for client bonding to YOUR practice.

After all, our days are definitely much brighter thanks to them!  Consider handing out free dog treats or cat toys for all of the “LUCKY” pets that come in on St. Patrick’s Day.  Whatever you do, make sure you are branding your hospital by attaching a cute label or a business card.And of course, no holiday is complete without a photo op to get some major “awwwwws”, likes and comments on your social media outlets!  It is not too hard to go to the dollar store and buy some shamrock necklaces, head boppers or other St Patty’s Day swag!  Make a corny sign for them to pose with or wear around their necks for even bigger adorableness impact!   For extra credit, consider printing or emailing a copy of the cute photo to your client.   You know what happens when you do that?  Yup.  They share and show off their cutie…..and show everyone how amazing YOU are too!

Pet Me, I’m Irish!
Just a wee bit Irish
Irish you were rubbing my belly right now.
XXXX Veterinary Hospital’s Littlest Leprechaun!

I am confident that most of us could not imagine our days without our co-workers and team members!  They may volunteer to do the maggot dog room, or stay to clean when they know you have to get home to a sick child, or maybe even spot you some lunch money when you realize you left yours at home.    Provide shamrock cut-out shapes for the team to share what they feel lucky for.  It can be a great pick me up.A fun take on the “luck” theme would be to get your team a few scratch offs attached to a quick note telling them how lucky you are to have them!  (Or print out this free printable and attach them to it!)

Social Media is a great way to make your hospital stand out!  Don’t forget to snap some photos of all the little “leprechauns” that come in to visit you!  Do you not have the time or patience to dress your patients up with green bandanas or silly hats?  Just take pics of them and then add some clovers and text using a program like Canva to make quick and easy “holiday” pics!Looking for a fun way to interact with your followers on social media?  Ask them to share with you why they feel LUCKY to have their pet(s) in their life!  Add in a fun, festive incentive (ie fun gift basket or a gift card) for the winning post and watch people write fun stories that not only your team, but also other clients, will enjoy reading!  Ask a local dignitary or public figure to be the “judge” and pick your lucky winner!

“Best friends are like 4 leaf clovers.  Hard to find and lucky to have.”

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   -Kara

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