Election Day FUN. Yup. It can be FUN!

Election Day is almost upon us, and although many of us will be glad to stop seeing 53 political commercials while watching The Voice each week, it also is a fun opportunity to gain some social media exposure, build bonds with clients and help your team have a little fun!

Here are a few easy ways to celebrate Election Day this year in your practices!

1) Throw a PUPPY PARTY!

Make a simple sign like this for a fun and easy “Selfie Station” in your lobby!  Great way to get some Social Media mentions!

Are you tired of election news and political commercials, drama and fighting?   Nearly everyone seems disgusted with politics right now, fighting over the Democrat and Republican parties……so why not throw a PUPPY PARTY!  Invite your community to stop by and forget about politics for a bit and join the Puppy Party!  Have a local pet rescue join you with puppies that are looking for homes and set up a petting station.  This will be great exposure for the rescue and their adoptable animals and will make people smile!  Invite your local news station- what a great, light-hearted and fun piece they can throw in between all the boring election news and numbers!

Make some fun pup-cakes to pass out (or invite a local barkery, err- bakery to make them), make some Chex Mix “Puppy Chow” and serve in (new) dog bowls, rent a popcorn maker and serve PUP-corn, decorate with homemade puppy balloons (see photo), hand out patriotic bandanas for the pooches and print some I VOTED FOR THE PUPPY PARTY stickers.  Too much work? Want to make your Puppy Party super easy?  Just order some PUP-eroni Pizzas from your local pizzeria!



2) Patriotic Bling

Grab some pre-made patriotic bows and show some American Pride without supporting, endorsing or discussing a candidate. These patriotic bows are inexpensive and looks great attached to a collar…..or a cat carrier handle!



Have the dogs cast their votes!  Lots of dog bakeries make seasonal, decorated cookies- including political themes!  Purchase the same amount of 2 candidates’ names or colors or logos and see which one your dog patients are choosing to win!  Whichever candidate sells out of their cookie first “WINS”!  Let’s see if your patients “nose” who will win!

election-dog-biscuitsHere are last election cookies which featured funny “dog-related” name twists!  (www.tailbangers.com)

4) Show us your STICKER

Of course, you may want to leave the politics outside your doors- especially during this heated Presidential election.   Maybe instead, you can simply give away a free dog or cat toy or bag of Lean Treats (Henry Schein Animal Health) to each client that comes in wearing an “I Voted” sticker.  What a great way to recognize your clients taking part in our democracy and respecting those that fought for us to be able to do so!

5) Vote for MILDRED!

Or maybe you just leave the politics out of it and vote for Mildred the Pug!   What a fun way to stay current but stay out of the drama.  I mean- Mildred is pretty darn perfect!  🙂

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