Happy week after “Vet Tech Week”!

Veterinary Technicians- let’s face it- YOU ROCK!  I am sure you were reminded last week during National Veterinary Technician Week.  But how can we express appreciation, recognition and honor you amazing individuals and all you do in just one little week?

One week isn’t enough to thank you for being the heartbeat of our practice. For everything that gets done in our hospital, you are a part of it. We often wonder where you all hide your capes?

One week isn’t enough to say thank you for sharing tears with owners because you, too, love their pet.

One week isn’t enough to say thank you for giving up your lunch breaks and holding your bladders just so our patients get the care, medication and food that THEY need.

One week isn’t enough to say thank you for putting up with the stresses of a hard day- and the difficult patients, clients (and yes, even co-workers & bosses!) you sometimes deal with. And even more thanks for doing this awesome thing where you help turn these difficult days around with your silly antics, songs, snacks and your magical power of picking each other up and reminding us we are all in this together.

Dear Veterinarians, You Rock!

Veterinarians are some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  They often encompass similar qualities- they are compassionate, hard-working and incredibly selfless, especially when it comes to helping animals.  Veterinarians are subject to long hours, often sacrificing time with their own families to save furry members of another.   And far too often, veterinarians are underappreciated and not recognized for the great sacrifices they make as they each honor the oath they took as veterinarians.   With hospital owners, clients and veterinarians themselves being held to sometimes impossible standards, there is little emphasis and effort made towards their self-care, mental health and work-home balance.  This needs to change.   #notonemorevet